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FAQ Search Results. How do I find Marriage or Divorce Records? In Oklahoma, marriage and divorce records are maintained and issued by the Clerk of Court in .

Pacino is an Academy Award winner for his cinematic work, but it took him 20 years and eight nominations to finally cash in his Oscar I. While visiting his fellow driver in the hospital, he falls in love with Lillian Morelli Marthe Keller , a young woman dying of cancer who seems to get more beautiful the worse her disease gets. When Rueben Tishkoff Elliott Gould is coerced by Bank into signing over his stake in the ownership of a Las Vegas casino, Danny Ocean George Clooney assembles his team to sabotage the opening of the luxury gambling palace.

Pacino manages to preserve the fire and fury of Shylock without giving into any of the anti-Semitic stereotypes that have made the character so problematic in the past, while Radford creates a handsome production on a limited budget. He plays Johnny, an ex-con fresh out of prison who gets a job as a short-order cook in a small diner.

List of Credibly Accused

He meets Frankie Michelle Pfeiffer , an emotionally scarred waitress, and a tender romance develops despite her reservations about getting into another relationship after dating so many abusive men. Terrence McNally adapted the script from his own play, expanding the story beyond the confines of the original two person, one location stage production. Stone turns this sports drama into an epic saga of the life-and-death struggles of modern day gladiators, with an A-list supporting cast including Dennis Quaid as an aging quarterback and Jamie Foxx as a superstar new player whose arrogance creates friction within the team.

But of course, the Devil wants a little something in return. Sherman Touhey John Goodman to track down a serial killer who finds victims through newspaper singles columns. They place an ad of their own in the paper, with Frank taking the women on dates and Sherman — posing as a waiter — collecting their fingerprints off of wine glasses.

Trouble is, Frank falls in love with one of his dates Ellen Barkin , who may or may not be the killer. Though the plot proceeds as expected, the film is sexy as hell, and Pacino and Barkin have an undeniable chemistry.

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Though he received a Golden Globe nomination, Pacino missed out at the Oscars. Pacino was omitted, despite contending at the Golden Globes.

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He plays Arthur Kirkland, a young attorney forced to defend a guilty judge John Forsythe while struggling to defend other innocent clients held up by technicalities. The whole trial is out of order! It centers on Max Hackman , a short-tempered ex-con who becomes friends with a homeless ex-sailor Pacino. The two hit the road together, traveling East to start a business in Pittsburgh. He plays Carlito Brigante, a Puerto Rican ex-con trying to start life anew on the outside.

He pledges to stay out of drugs and crime, even starting a romance with a beautiful ballet dancer Penelope Anne Miller. Date convicted: November License suspended for 1 year. Washington DC Defrauding 8 non-profit mental health care companies that provided services to deinstitutionalized, mentally retarded individuals. Connecticut Defrauding 8 non-profit mental health care companies that provided services to deinstitutionalized, mentally retarded individuals.

Tennessee Patient abuse conviction. New York Medicaid insurance fraud involving fraudulent billings for therapy sessions never delivered. Wisconsin Repeated sexual assault of a year-old boy. Kentucky Medicaid insurance fraud and not reporting income he made on his taxes. Date convicted: July 27, 1 year in federal prison Carbary, Preston counselor U. Washington Rape Carbary, a mental health counselor for Child Protective Services, forced a woman to have sex with him on three occasions under threat that he would take her children away and put them in state custody.

Date convicted: June 26, 16 years prison. Date convicted: October 13, 3 years in jail Carlson, Craig psychologist U. Minnesota Repeated chemical dependency problems. Date convicted: December 10, License suspended. Texas Sexually abusing his stepdaughter. New Jersey Billing Medicaid and practicing medicine, without a license.

Mississippi Medicaid insurance fraud. Shropshire Sexual attacks on 12 boys. Missouri Medicaid insurance fraud. Carter, William psychologist U. Virginia Failed to maintain proper boundaries with patient; failed to establish treatment goals. Date convicted: April License suspended.

Ongoing Economic Consequences

California Sexual exploitation of a patient. Date convicted: September 1 day jail, 3 years probation and hours community service. Montana Having numerous images of child pornography on his computer. Three months prior to his arrest on this conviction, he was arrested in Washington State for soliciting two girls, ages 13 and 15 and was required to register there as a sex offender.

Missouri Medicare insurance fraud. Date convicted: January 23, 5 years probation the first 10 months of which must be spent in home detention. Casas, Robert psychologist U. Illinois Assaulted his father, a physician, after the father refused to write him a prescription, then proceeded to his home where he was involved in a standoff with police.

Thereafter entered a full-time treatment program. Date convicted: July 31, License was suspended. On April 20, , Casas was excluded from participation in federally-funded health plans such as Medicaid. California Insurance fraud and practicing psychology without a license. Date convicted: February 17, License suspended indefinitely.

In September , Caseyu was excluded from participation in federally funded health care programs such as Medicaid, etc. California Kidnapping. Kentucky Defrauding several federal insurance programs. California Possession of child pornography and perjury. Date convicted: June 27, 3 years, 10 months prison. Celio, David psychologist U. Washington Health care fraud: Submitted false claims for mental health counseling to the U. Tricare insurance plan for families of active members of the military or reserves ; illegally billed for sessions handled by phone and billed for a higher level of service than was provided.

Date convicted: April 6, 12 months, 1 day prison. New Jersey Molesting an 8-year-old boy. Pennsylvania Engaging in sexual behavior with a former patient within two years of termination of treatment. Censits began treating female patient "S. Censits alleges that he stopped treating patient S. Shortly after November , Dr. Censits began texting patient S. In , the relationship became sexual. At around the beginning of April Dr. Censits, who was married throughout the relationship, sent a text message to patient S.

Mandatory continuing education to be done no later than December 31, Cerny, Jerome psychologist U. Indiana Cerny, a former Indiana State University ISU psychology professor was found to have acted inappropriately in the psychology laboratory. Two former ISU students testified that Cerny touched them inappropriately during a laboratory experiment concerning "ejaculation latency" or ability to maintain an erection. In his testimony, Cerny admitted to touching one of the students' penises. Date convicted: December 19, License revoked.

On August 19, , Ceney was excluded from participation in federally-funded health care program such as Medicaid due to the revocation of his license.

Cerul, Samuel Maurice Psychiatrist U. Pennsylvania Charged in , along with another doctor, with providing drugs to other people in addition to themselves, Dr. Cerul faced 28 felony counts of bad faith distribution for prescribing a total of nearly 6, Percocet, 1, Dolophine methadone and thousands of doses of other drugs to seven other people, some of whom had prior drug convictions. In June , he pled "no contest" to 10 misdemeanors. Two years after the criminal sentencing, the state medical board suspended his medical license's for three months followed by probation.

Pennsylvania Violated federal regulations which impose a standard for the practice of the healing arts as regulated by the board.

Fred Wilson

New York Convicted of perjury. Date convicted: July License revoked. Chambers, Andrew Psychiatrist U. In April , they began cohabiting.

Maine Sex Offender Registry

At that time Chambers terminated the practitioner-patient relationship. Date convicted: September 9, License was suspended for 12 months in September this suspension was stayed in October after he completed the "Maintaining Proper Boundaries" course. Additionally, terms and conditions were placed on his license for 12 months, one of which was he "shall not engage in the practice of psychotherapy.

New York "Inappropriate sexual conversations and contact" with a patient. Chapman, Rosalie psychologist U. California Numerous instances of alcohol intoxication both at home and at the workplace. Date convicted: January 20, Surrendered license.

In September , Chapman was excluded from participation in federally funded health care programs Medicaid, etc. Chaudhry, Naseem psychiatrist U.