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FAQ Search Results. How do I find Marriage or Divorce Records? In Oklahoma, marriage and divorce records are maintained and issued by the Clerk of Court in .

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We take great pride in being able to respond to our customers in a "human" to "human" approach as you can see, we do not hide our toll free number We understand the need a customer may have to talk to a person rather than the typical automated voice or e-mail support system. Please keep in mind that we are not lawyers and we do not give out legal advice. If you need legal advice regarding your uncontested divorce in Oklahoma, we recommend that you contact a lawyer in your area. In almost all cases, you file for a divorce in the state where you reside. This means that if you are a resident of Oklahoma, you file in Oklahoma and are governed by Oklahoma's divorce laws even if you were married, for example, in California.

You must meet Oklahoma's residency requirement for an Oklahoma court to have jurisdiction over your divorce.

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  • It sure does. Thousands of people divorce in Oklahoma every year without hiring a lawyer. When spouses cannot agree about the terms and conditions of their divorce, they sometimes end up in court where a judge makes decisions for them. This is called a contested divorce, and hiring a lawyer is a good idea in this case. When an Oklahoma divorce case is uncontested and both parties are willing to sign, when you and you spouse agree about everything filing your own divorce is a common choice in order to cut down legal expenses.

    Read about the advantages of filing your own uncontested divorce in Oklahoma. Either the Plaintiff or the Defendant must be a resident, "in good faith," of Oklahoma for six months next preceding the filing of petition. This applies to members of the armed services stationed in Oklahoma. The divorce paperwork requires a signed authentication that you have been a resident of Oklahoma for at least the past six months.

    If the court requires proof for some reason, typically an Oklahoma driver's license or state identification is sufficient. An affidavit of a corroborating witness testifying about your residency also works.

    After you have printed all the divorce paperwork, you simply mail the documents to your spouse and he or she signs them. After your spouse returns them, you file in your local county court. Fault: 1 abandonment, 2 adultery, 3 Impotency, 4 wife pregnant at the time of marriage by another man, 5 extreme cruelty, 6 fraudulent contract, 7 habitual drunkenness, 8 gross neglect of duty, 9 imprisonment of the other party under a sentence for the commission of a felony, 10 insanity for a period of five years.


    How to File for Divorce in Oklahoma - wikiHow

    Once the divorce paperwork has been filed in court, it usually takes 30 to 90 days for a divorce to be final. The start to finish time of the divorce may vary depending on the caseload of the court and the availability of judges to sign the final Decree. You control revisions and reprintings as necessary. In Oklahoma, a divorce hearing is typically required and especially if you and your spouse have children.

    If there are children involved, a short hearing, generally about 15 minutes, gives the court an opportunity to make certain that you understand the parameters of custody, visitation and support that are ordered as part of your divorce.

    Divorce Laws in Oklahoma

    If there are no children, the process in very streamlined. Since you and your spouse are in agreement, there is nothing for the court to decide. All you must do is provide a brief testimony of the contents of your paperwork. Learn more about divorce hearings in Oklahoma. It is easier to effect a name change during the divorce rather than after the divorce is finalized. Read more about a name change during a divorce in Oklahoma. A series of questions itemizes property and debt, dividing and allocating both according to what you and your spouse have agreed to.

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    The answers become part of the divorce documents, so it is clear to you, your spouse and the court how assets and liabilities have been divided. You answer a few questions dealing with individual retirement accounts.

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    You have the option of waiving rights to each other's account s , or dividing any marital portion of an account by a specific percentage or a dollar amount. Once again, a few questions inside your account deal with the disposition of the marital home. All possible scenarios are covered -- sale, planned sale, transfer from one spouse to the other, and co-ownership. A few questions in your account deal with temporary or permanent spousal support. Rights to spousal support may be waived, or a couple can agree to a specific amount for a set period of time.

    These questions define and limit the parameters of the desired spousal support, which often terminates upon remarriage or cohabitation.

    How to File For Divorce In Oklahoma – 4 Step Process

    The courts realize that you and your spouse know your situation better than they do, so they may approve any reasonable support amount, even if it is different from the one on the state worksheet. We provide Oklahoma Child Support Worksheets inside your account. These worksheets make it very easy to calculate a monthly support amount.

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