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Many banks will not allow you to open an account for your business unless you have this tax ID number. Additionally, having an EIN may help reduce the risk of identity theft since you won't be required to provide your SSN to clients and companies with whom you do business.

Your business may need an EIN even if you have no employees

Be aware that certain trusts require an EIN. The IRS uses this number to identify and track irrevocable trusts.

Federal Tax ID / IRS SS-4 Form

In this case, the grantor permanently transfers his wealth or assets to beneficiaries, giving up ownership rights. Whether you own a small agency or a corporation, you'll need an EIN for just about any business-related activity. This unique identifier is used for filing tax reports, applying for businesses permits and licenses, paying tax and opening checking accounts. If you ever decide to apply for a business loan, you'll be required to provide your IRS number.

Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Now that you know what an EIN is, you might wonder how to obtain one. Any business located in the U.

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  • How to get a tax ID number if you're self-employed or have a small business.

However, the IRS recommends submitting your application through its website. Access IRS. The application form must be completed within 15 minutes. Otherwise, your session will expire and you'll need to start all over.

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Click "Begin Application" and fill out the SS-4 form. If you're not comfortable submitting this information online, you can download the form and then send it by email or fax, but it will take longer to receive your EIN.

During the application process, it's necessary to answer a few simple questions. You must select the type of business for which you need an EIN, provide your name and Social Security number, state why you need an IRS number and more. Online applicants are issued a free tax ID number immediately upon completion.

Remember to print the confirmation notice. If your business was incorporated outside the U. In this case, you cannot complete Form SS-4 online. Be aware that you'll need a new EIN if you ever change your business structure or ownership.

It's not uncommon for business owners to lose or misplace their EIN. For example, if you own two or more companies, each will have its own federal tax ID number, which may seem confusing.

How to apply for a federal tax ID (FEIN) number:

If you don't find it, check your bank statements, business licenses, tax returns and other legal documents. Your tax ID number should be printed on these forms.

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  6. Another option is to contact your bank and ask for this information. If everything else fails, reach out to the IRS at This service is available to authorized persons only, such as corporate officers, business owners, sole proprietors and trustees. In general, these platforms charge a monthly or annual fee. Real Search, for example, holds information on over 15 million businesses. All you have to do is enter a company's name in the designated field and click "Search" in order to get the data you need.

    File an EIN in Under 5 Minutes at No Cost! | We Show You How!

    Another option is to use SEC. This service is provided by the U. Securities and Exchange Commission and provides information on public companies. If you need to find a charity's EIN, head over to the Melissa lookup database, which offers free access to information on over 1. Tax identification numbers are issued by the U. They are used to administer tax laws. Be aware that your business may be assigned any combination of these numbers:.

    Unlike federal income taxes, no pre-registration is required for businesses to pay state income taxes. You must also provide the assessor with information concerning any real property improvements such as the addition of a new structure.

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