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If the previous owner kept all of the service and maintenance receipts, one could assume they drove the car with pride and wanted to ensure it was in the best technical condition possible.

This is usually seen as a plus for used car shoppers, as it is preferable to buy a vehicle which was driven with love, rather than abuse. Or sometimes the owner simply lost them e. If the vehicle was serviced by an official manufacturer or franchised dealership, records are maintained in their computer system. It is often easy enough to obtain them from the dealership directly.

These vehicles carry a much higher risk. Buyers should be aware that problems can, and often do, arise when a vehicle has no service history.

Uncover the recorded history of a used car

Accidents can occur due to an unforeseen mechanical failure. Hefty repair bills can come suddenly and without warning. Repairs tend to accumulate as one problem is often times connected to another.

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The records are displayed in a clear, easy to read format which details the date and location of the maintenance, as well as which service was performed. The service history of a car should show most of the above mentioned maintenance types. It is important to note that the service history of a car is only one element to consider when buying a used vehicle. On top of a deductible, who knows how much higher monthly insurance rates would cost you from admitting you drove recklessly.

When I see no service records, I tell buyers it means nothing.

Check the Service History of a Car

Order a pre-purchase vehicle inspection! If you would like any more advice on this subject, please feel free to reach out to us in the comment section below, and thank you for being our guest today! Skip to content. The Truth Is: No!

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Vehicle Service History The Unknown. Call the manufacturers and ask if they have serviced the car. They may not disclose specifics but can at least let you know if work has been carried out. Ink fades over time so the first few services a car has received will probably diminish in the service book.

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Look over the workshops that have serviced the car. Fraudsters can easily order their own service stamps and fill in the existing or new service book themselves. Some will even make up garages, names, addresses and phone numbers to deceive. A good first step is to see if the garages exist. Look for more than just a service book. Are there receipts or invoices for past work?

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Almost all cars will carry some old receipts. Do the service records correlate with where the car owner lives? It is unlikely that the owner lives in Exmouth and the car was serviced in Hull although the car may have had varying owners from across the country. Perhaps they serviced it as well?

Enter your car reg in the correct format Click to Check. Many modern cars now live under a long-life servicing schedule.

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This means every 18, or 24, miles or 2 years depending on the manufacturer.