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If you already know the phone number, you can use Google to do a reverse number lookup to find information about the caller, like their name, address, etc. While Google certainly indexes an amazing array of information, it doesn't mean that a phone number is always one of those items.

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Some phones are completely private, not released in a public space, or unlisted. However, if the number can be found online, the search methods outlined below will track it down successfully, and they certainly beat using a phonebook! Although Google no longer has an official phonebook search feature, you can still use the search engine to locate phone numbers, albeit with a little more legwork.

The simplest search for a phone number is to do a broad search for the person's name. This will garner lots of results, but some might be helpful in finding the phone number.

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Put the name in quotes if you use more than just the first or last name which you should, else you'll get way too many results to look through. Another way to search for a phone number on Google is to enter a ZIP code with the person's name, such as " Jason Smith " For obvious reasons, you want to make sure the ZIP code is accurate for their current residence. For most searches like this, Google will return a list of URLs that you can open for more information.

You can also use Google to track down business telephone numbers.

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You'll likely have more luck finding a business number on Google than a personal one since unlike individuals, companies want you to call them. Perhaps the easiest method for finding phone numbers for businesses is to enter the business name into the search bar followed by the ZIP code. If you don't know the business name or ZIP code, go ahead and drop both, but at least enter the type of business it is, such as " pizza restaurant. Google will return local listings that include maps, reviews, and contact information often phone numbers, addresses, and URLs.

Another way to perform a business phone number lookup on Google is to enter the business type and city, like " Seattle doctors.

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Business phone numbers are almost always listed on Google Maps. Reverse lookups in Canada can be performed for both cell phones and landlines. You will be able to see the full name of the person when a match is found.

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A Reverse Phone Lookup is a report which shows the person or business associated with a number in Canada that has called your phone. Perform a search today and find out why millions of people use NumLookup everyday!

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Best Reverse Phone Lookup in Canada. Go to www. By checking an unknown mobile or landline number in our database of numbers, you can be sure that the number that called you is a secure phone number and that you can call back without any hidden charges. The vast base of both mobile and stationary phone numbers in the present times is very necessary because it often happens when we call back an unknown phone number without knowing that there are different types of charges.

Our Phone Number Lookup website has been created to meet your needs for verification and the exchange of opinions on unknown phone numbers. On our site, you will find different types of analysis for a given phone number: search frequency for a given number, number of individual searches for a given number, search results of the last number, similar numbers, total number of visits by page, search for total verbal number, general amount of comments in our database and much more.

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In addition, for our users, we provide geolocation of landline numbers on our website, including their map imagery as well as the terrain via the Street View service. Your information on who called from the phone number listed for you will be stored in our fixed and mobile number database.

Sharing a message with other users, including a phone number, can prevent many threats or form positive opinions about a particular phone or business number.