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If a DUI program is a condition of the sentence, being unable to afford the program fees is not an excuse for not attending. A person on probation who fails to fulfill the conditions of probation, including attending a DUI program, can be charged with a violation of probation. If a judge agrees that the person violated the terms of probation, the judge has the authority to impose a new, and usually harsher, sentence.

California, Florida and most other states have procedures by which a person convicted of a DUI can ask a judge to reduce or completely waive the fees normally charged for the state? For example, California prohibits the operators of its state-approved DUI programs from preventing anyone from participating based upon the person? Program operators are specifically prohibited from wait-listing a participant or referring a potential participant to another program provider based on the individual?

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Under most programs, a person convicted of a DUI who lacks the financial resources to pay the fees charged for the court-mandated program may obtain a waiver by presenting proof of indigence with the company offering the DUI program. For instance, DUI program operators in Florida are required to have written criteria in their operations and policies manual for handling requests for waivers of program fees. Individuals who cannot raise the money to pay the fees for a court-imposed DUI program should discuss the issue with their probation officer.

Procedures for obtaining waivers vary from state to state, but a probation officer would know how to make a request for a waiver, and to whom the request should be made. Ignoring the DUI program will probably result in the imposition of additional penalties, but the condition to complete the program will not go away. Please do not miss any court appearances or a warrant will be issued for your arrest. What will happen to my California driver license? Will my license be suspended or revoked as a result of my DUI arrest? If you act quickly typically within 10 days of your arrest , you can request an appeal of the proposed administrative license suspension for failing or refusing the test.

A hearing will then be scheduled on your appeal request.

Paying Court-Ordered Fines

This suspension generally lasts from days to three years. Visualize two separate boxes that do not overlap:. Also keep in mind that your California drivers license can be suspended for a variety of other reasons such as excessive points through the Negligent Operator Treatment System NOTS. I have a California commercial drivers license. Refer to the table below for CDL suspension lengths for various scenarios. What happens if I get caught driving while my California driving privilege license is suspended? Driving while your license is suspended following a California DUI conviction is a new criminal offense.

It is also a crime to drive when your privileges have been suspended for failing or refusing a chemical breath test. Jail time is possible though not required for a first offense. If you're on probation for a California DUI, driving while suspended will violate your DUI probation and can result in additional incarceration as a probation violation or PV.

I really need to drive. A restricted driver's license may be available to you if your license is suspended and you had a valid California Driver's License at the time of your suspension.

Penal Code 1214.1 PC – Fines for Failure to Appear

Longer waiting periods apply if you have prior DUI conviction s within the past 10 years. However, effective July 1, , the waiting periods to apply for a restricted license became significantly shorter if you install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle see below. Speak to your California DUI lawyer about whether you qualify and how to apply for this restricted license.

These terms are all acronyms that refer to the criminal offense commonly known as "drunk driving. California law uses the phrase "driving under the influence" so the term DUI is commonly used here as it is in Arizona, Nevada, and the majority of other states. Is a California DUI a criminal offense?

Do California bench warrants cross state lines?

A California driving under the influence charge is either a misdemeanor or a felony crime. However, a California DUI becomes a felony offense if:. A felony DUI in California is quite serious and comes with the possibility of prison time. As noted above, most California DUI's are misdemeanor crimes. A range of typical penalties for misdemeanor DUI offenses is set forth below:. A plea to the charge of reckless driving reckless driving involving alcohol or drugs also known as a " wet reckless " may be possible in some situations.

If allowed to plea to a wet reckless, you will not face an additional license suspension beyond your implied consent suspension.


You will, however, face a period of probation, a fine, and be required to complete a short treatment program. Jail time is also possible though not required. Statewide, about seven percent of California DUI arrests end in wet reckless convictions. A California DUI will stay on your driving record for 10 years for insurance and other purposes. My DUI involved an accident. Do I need to file an accident report? Each driver must make a report to DMV within 10 days regardless of fault. If you missed this deadline, go ahead and file the report late.

The amount of incarceration jail or prison received for a California DUI conviction will depend on a number of factors, including but not limited to the following:. If you are convicted of a California DUI you will be required to complete a program of treatment. Completion of a 12 hour alcohol treatment program often 6 two hour classes is also typically required for a conviction of a wet reckless offense. Attendance at some AA meetings may also be required.

Restitution Hearings in California DUI Cases Alex Andryuschenko

There are more than treatment providers throughout California. DUI programs can be found in every county other than Alpine. There is a link to a directory of providers on the right side of this website. I am licensed to drive in a state other than California e. Will my drivers license be suspended or revoked? California only has the authority to suspend your right to drive in the State of California. However, California and 44 other states and the District of Columbia have adopted an agreement known as the "Driver License Compact. Your own state will then generally take action to suspend your license.

This also works in reverse.

If you are a California licensed driver and you are convicted of a DUI charge in another state, California will likely suspend your license if it learns of the out of state conviction. Admin Per Se implied consent suspensions are sometimes reported from state to state as well. But this is less common than conviction based suspensions. Will I have to install an Ignition Interlock Device on my car?

An ignition interlock device sometimes known as an IID is a breath alcohol measurement device that is connected to a motor vehicle ignition.

In order to start the motor vehicle, a driver must blow a breath sample into the device which then measures alcohol concentration. If the alcohol concentration exceeds the startup set point on the interlock device, the motor vehicle will not start. The device also requires rolling re-tests to prevent cheating on start up. You will likely have to install an ignition interlock device in your car if you are convicted of a second DUI offense in California or if you're convicted of a DWS for a DUI conviction.

Talk to your California DUI lawyer about whether this requirement applies to your situation. Effective July 1, , if you're convicted of a first DUI in either Alameda County, Los Angeles County, Sacramento County, or Tulare County you will have to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle for at least five months. This is a pilot project, and it could be eventually expanded to other counties.

What will a California DUI do to my ability to obtain or keep insurance on my car? If your insurance company finds out about a California DUI one of two things are likely to happen. Either your insurer will raise your rates or you may be cancelled or non-renewed. A California DUI conviction will be available to your insurance company for ten years. An SR is a Insurance Proof Certificate from a California licensed insurance company certifying that you have purchased liability insurance that meets the minimum required coverage limits for your motor vehicle.