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Chicago Car Accident Attorney

The Interstate Highway with the longest section is Interstate 57 with a length of miles. In big Illinois cities such as Chicago, however, the faster speed limit has been more dangerous to pedestrians. Safety experts see the problem as one involving both distracted drivers and distracted pedestrians. To a large extent, smartphones drive this distraction. So, be on high alert when you see pedestrians using their smartphones at a crosswalk, or drivers talking on their phones. Chicago car accident lawyers know just how bad it gets out there. Chicago is prone to road accidents because of its heavy traffic and the massive rush of pedestrians within this square mile city.

Illinois Crash Facts Statistics identified five locations in Chicago more prone to accidents involving pedestrians, consequently, be on the alert when you get to these areas:. In most cases, pedestrians were hit when they were trying to cross safely with the traffic light flashing green on their side. Serious injuries can result in lost wages, lost earning potential, medical bills and long-term medical treatment.

The type of compensation you need to move forward may depend on the kind of personal injury suffered and its severity. Some common types of car accident injuries include:.

List of traffic collisions

Learn More About Back Injuries. Learn More About Broken Bones. Learn More About Neck Injuries. Learn More About Knee Injuries. Learn More About Catastrophic Injuries. Learn More About Whiplash. No matter what your injury is, you should receive ALL of your benefits, not just the ones the insurance company wants to approve.

Insurance companies make billions of dollars by collecting as much as they can in premiums from ordinary people, then paying out as little as possible when claims are made. To a great extent, the type of injuries suffered by motorists and their passengers or pedestrians rests heavily on the type of accident they were involved in. How vehicles collide also bears on the resulting injuries.

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But injuries — and fatalities — are more likely to occur at high-speed despite safety precautions. Learn more about Head on Collisions. Learn more about Vehicle Rollover Accidents. The aftermath of a multiple vehicle collision is also dangerous since crumpled vehicles smashed into or piled atop one another make escaping from these wrecks a difficult task, especially for the injured.

Pile-ups generally occur in low-visibility conditions along freeways. A direct cause is a vehicle driving too close to the vehicle in front and not adjusting to road conditions. Chain reaction crashes are the result of this unsafe type of driving. A common and severe injury is whiplash, or injuries to the neck caused by or related to a sudden distortion of the neck associated with extension. Whiplash is an ever present danger in rear-impact collisions, even when the crash occurs at moderate speeds.

Lake County Il Traffic Fatality

Passengers on the side of a vehicle struck usually sustain far worse injuries than they would in a front or rear-end collision. Automobile insurance protects against the financial and physical consequences of whatever type of vehicle accident. This type of insurance is mandatory in Illinois, where the liability against a negligent driver is normally based on negligence.

In most cases, the likely source of compensation for an injured pedestrian is automobile insurance. No lawsuit against the defendant is allowed in a no-fault state. This means a person injured in a pedestrian or auto accident is generally entitled to financial damages up to the percentage of fault attributed to the negligent driver.

If the driver is uninsured, then UIM or no-fault coverage will compensate the pedestrian for their losses. These sums are patently inadequate, especially when an injured victim suffers serious injury, and more so when there are multiple victims in an accident. A good C hicago auto accident lawyer will tell you that a workable option is to look at the liability and insurance coverage of all potential defendants, apart from the negligent driver. The Illinois statute of limitations or the deadline for a lawsuit to be initiated after the accident stipulates that a personal injury lawsuit must be filed within two years of the accident.

Among these potentially dangerous activities are talking or texting on a mobile phone; eating and drinking; talking to people in the vehicle, and fiddling with the stereo, entertainment or navigation system. Distracted driving is lethal.

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NHTSA data shows that distracted driving took the lives of 3, persons drivers and other victims in the U. These numbers mean that distracted driving when using a mobile phone causes one accident every 24 seconds. At a driving speed of 55 miles per hour, that distraction is the equivalent of driving the length of an entire football field with your eyes closed. Two people were killed in a crash involving two semis and three cars on Interstate 70 in western Franklin County just after 9 a. Monday morning: Still no name, but an accident on I in Riley County is listed as a fatality.

It was the second fatal accident on I in Eastern Jackson County in three days. Today's breaking news and more in your inbox. CHP received reports at p. A big rig that was hauling a crane overturned on the eastbound Freeway in La Canada Flintridge Saturday afternoon, prompting the closure of two lanes and snarling traffic in the area.

Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph. All lanes of Interstate 70 have been cleared, but the Missouri Department of Transportation Highway 70, east of Globe, is closed in both directions due to a traffic accident near mile marker , according to the Gila County Sheriff's Office.

High 58F. When Maryland State Police troopers arrived shortly after 3 a. Dianne's Story.


The Kansas Highway Patrol responded to a crash on I around that killed one and left several others injured. Vail Summit is located on Interstate 70, about 10 miles east of the town of Vail, Colorado. Click on any of those headings to sort the data. Construction work, Named Lane Closed - Left lane closed due. A semi truck driver who stopped to help two other motorists involved in a crash was struck and killed by another semi this morning on A man left his car after an accident on I One person died and another was flown north due to critical injuries sustained in an accident approximately five miles east of Salina on Interstate News; Accident.

Both the eastbound and westbound lanes were closed overnight and into Friday Eastbound traffic on Interstate 70 was backed up on South Mountain at about p. A school bus was involved in an accident on I near downtown Columbus around a. I76 is completely shut down from multiple car accidents. Only one person suffered minor injuries in the 3 car accident on Starkey Road Friday afternoon. Traffic is being directed off I at exit A wreck about 30 miles east of Columbia claimed the lives of four Kansas City women when a tractor-trailer failed to slow down and plowed into a line of seven cars backed up on I for a The Colorado Department of Transportation has closed I eastbound at the Eisenhower Tunnel due to a multi-car accident at mile maker Winds SW at 10 to 15 mph.

Ohio's first 'SmartLane' opens with goal of easing traffic headed east. The victim, the sole occupant of the SUV, has not yet been identified. Cleveland Scene. The accident occurred in the eastbound lane of I between Maryland Route 65 and Today. First responders received multiple calls around 2 p.

The crash happened around A. According to the Roanoke County Police Department, the accident occurre. One dead after being hit by a car in Sandusky County.